Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Recycled Kimono

When I lived in Melbourne I had a smallish house on a smallish block that could be completely weeded or organised in a single day. Consequentially I had a lot of time to sew or do other things such as visit every quilt shop in the metropolitan area, or scavenge at Op shops and markets for essential treasures and useful things. In addition to quilts, I also enjoyed making numerous patchwork bags of various sorts and different functions, much to the despair of my daughter who continually encouraged me "to get a life!" and feared more for my sanity with each new creation.

In the three years I have been here, I have not made a single bag - until yesterday. It was far too hot to be outside, so I started to sort and tidy my sewing room - something I could do without too much thought, when I came across a lovely piece of kimono fabric in the box of Japanese goodies. This is the simple bag that I made in the afternoon, and used today when I went with friends to Castlemaine.


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I've just joined the TIFC ring and came across your acorn piece for March and now your blog.I do like your work and the bountiful beauty of your garden.