Monday, 31 March 2008

Yea! Online again!

I am sitting here in front of my NEW computer, connected last night and functioning well this morning - it is bliss to have it going. The bits had been sitting in four very large boxes since last Friday as I worried fearfully about how to put it all together and if I could deal with the new Windows operating system (Vista-which people told me was complicated and full of unnecessary gadget type features) which is quite different from the old XP that was on the previous machine. A chance meeting on Saturday night with a friend who uses this system led to us to broach the boxes and confront the various cables, ports and plugs. It actually was not that difficult, though one instruction book entirely in Arabic was a bit daunting until we found one in multiple tongues.

So - it works, but there is a little way to go..... My email is functioning after having to ring the BigPond people to check my user name and password - I seem to have so many it is confusing to know which is used where! I am yet to connect the printer and speakers, and am somewhat puzzled by one error message that still appears whenever I log on, but hopefully the solution will be revealed with a bit more rummaging in the help files. I hope that all my documents, many photos and my email address book can be salvaged from the hard drive of my deceased machine, and until I sort out a photography program, there will be no photos of what I have been making over the last two weeks. None the less it is great to be back, and thanks to those who have visited in the interim!!

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Marcie said...

Welcome back! So exciting, a new computer, all that space on the hard drive that you think you'll never fill... Looking forward to some more pics of your garden, must be nice in Autumn (hint, hint)