Sunday, 3 August 2008


Several days since a post, and little to show for it as my time has been spent outside instead of in the sewing room, and getting organised to go away. In fact today I took my two beloved dogs to the kennel, and my house is very empty without them. The look Maggie the collie gave me as I left her in the tender care of the kennel girl was so sad and disapproving. I'm sure it must have brought back memories of when she was abandonned by her previous owner, and unpleasant times in the pound until I adopted her. She will be well cared for, and will give me a wonderful greeting when I return, but I miss them both and wish they could come too.

I'm travelling by car with friends to Adelaide early in the morning, and will be away about a week. I shall be staying in Goolwa with my Brother and so will be able to see the poor state of the river Murray for myself - he has been saying that it would be more useful to plant tomatoes at the end of his jetty as he can no longer moor his boat because there is so little water due to over irrigating further up stream. I hope to catch up with family and a few friends, meet some new great nephews for the first time, and help in the garden of the new home my Brother is building in the hills. Perhaps there will be time for a little shopping around the place, and I'm instructed by my daughter to scour the local op shops for treasures!

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