Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Tuesday evening

One really should not try to write something of significance when one has been out to see friends and had a wine or two.......one ends up posting an empty entry! This is the second attempt...

Just back from being part of a group helping a friend design invitations for her 60th birthday party in a few weeks. It began with a common quotation from said friend..."It's my turn to cook, so........let's have dinner....... at the Pub." Very typical for this special friend who never has much in her fridge and works long hours. It should be a good celebration, with many of her lifetime friends attending, and I shall be priviledged to be part of it all.

Thanks to those who left comments about the July TIF - all most appreciated. I plan to write something about the Fibonacci numbers, as mentioned by Kay as it something that has fascinated me for some time and I was thinking about as I made the piece. In the TIF piece, only the smallest of the squares and rectangles are the same as this number sequence, but more of that later.

An interesting day today, spent half of it in the local Neighbourhood Centre as I have enrolled in a computer graphics class where (hopefully) I shall learn to use such free public programs as GIMP, Inkscape and Blender which may help with some of the ideas I have for textile works in the future. I thought I would try these first before outlaying $$$ for the more well known ones, and getting to know the terms and techniques can only help if I need to upgrade.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent taking the fan out of my slow combustion heater to see why it was making such a racket. Intermittent problems are the most difficult to solve - this noisy fan only occurred when the heater was really hot - obviously something expanded and then hit something else. The service people are not available to come this week, and as I cannot be without the air circulation provided by the fan, I fixed it - again. This involves lying on one's stomach, and unscrewing wing nuts at arm's length underneath the still burning fire - a bit warm, but OK if care is taken. Then, removal of the fan unit, checking it for dust and debris, making sure that nothing is obviously out of place, a gentle tap on the fan with a hammer to make sure the fan has not migrated down the spindle (as advised by the distant service man), and then reassembly. All quite tricky, time consuming and uncomfortable, but it seems to have worked - for now. Fingers crossed that it stays that way, it is far too cold where I live to be limited in how one can use the heater.

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Jane said...

What one will do for heat on a cold winters day... you're quite industrious and obviously quite the "handywoman". Hope your woodpile is holding out!