Thursday, 14 February 2008


I shall not be posting here for a little while, but thought I would leave you with news of a surprise received in this morning's mail. A cheque for $150 FROM my supplier of electricity as compensation for having experienced "more than 30 hours of unplanned sustained interruptions to service in one calendar year". In this area there are many and frequent power outages as trees fall on lines, lines are blown down by winds, or other factors cause blackouts which may last from a minute or two to several hours, so one always has an ample supply of candles and torches at hand. It is always inconvenient but usually fixed fairly quickly.

The cheque was accompanied with a schedule of payments that varied according to length and number of interruptions one might experience. It seems ironic in view of the events in this country yesterday, and the current issue of possible compensation for the members of the stolen generations for losses that cannot be fixed.

To finish, a photo of Pieris japonica - a gorgeous shrub that I saw some months back in the National Rhodendron Gardens. Wouldn't it look great in textiles?

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Marcie said...

yes, it seems with compensation, where there's a will there's a way.
Beautiful pic of the Pieris, did you take it?
And may I link to it?