Friday, 1 February 2008

February TIF

Firstly, thanks to those who have left such positive comments about my January pieces, both here, on the TIF Blog, and Flickr In fact for those not involved in TIF I recommend that you get a cup/glass of your favourite tipple and have a good look at these sites to see the wonderful variety of ways in which January's themes have been interpreted by so many talented people. The Blog rings on the side are another great way of spending time online - I'm certainly guilty of that!

The theme and/or optional colours for February were set this morning. The theme relates to a question.... " What are you old enough to remember?" To be interpreted in any way one chooses.

These are the colours.

I think the nearest DMC thread numbers are, in order left to right:-

828, 334, 3047, 311, 436.

(3/2/08 - I have edited these numbers since the original posting as when I checked again in a better light, I decided these were better. Interestingly there are two totally different list of numbers on the TIF blogsite, with no one number common to both!)

At this stage I have no idea what I shall do this month, so shall be thinking for a while before I begin. February promises to be a little hectic with this and another challenge to complete as well as some other stuff happening, so I had better make a start on something useful!

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