Saturday, 11 August 2007

Blank Slate

Earlier this year I took a class with a very well known Australian quilter who showed us one of sixteen sketch books she has used in her textile life to note ideas, stick photos, doodle, rough out designs and plan future works. She was encouraging us to do the same. This textile artist acknowledged that making the first marks in a pristine black bound art journal was intimidating and difficult - so she always wrote a shopping list or phone numbers or something to get it started. Once that was done and the book no longer virginal she was OK to do as she wanted with no further hesitation.

I feel the same way about this Blog. It's structure has been here now for a week while I deliberated how to begin - but now I have - so there is no longer a need to write lists or numbers and risk your potential boredom before I start.

I hope this Blog will be entertaining for those who read it - I plan to write about quilts and other creative activities, my gardening adventures, and things of interest from the very satisfying life I now have in this beautiful country area where I moved a couple of years ago. I hope you will enjoy it.

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