Friday, 24 August 2007

Woolly stuff

I am the lucky owner of a dog who came from the Malvern Save a Dog almost a year ago. Why someone would mistreat such a wonderful girl is beyond my comprehension, but I am grateful that they had the good sense to surrender her so she had a second chance. Maggie is a blue merle Collie and a very beautiful girl who causes heads to turn when she is out.
With Spring now approaching she has been shedding her undercoat in addition to her constant moult of very long fur and she needs regular brushing in a vain attempt to keep it under control. In spite of daily vacuuming and frequent brushings, my home and person are usually covered in a fine misting of silver grey dog hair. I collected bags of the stuff from her grooming, and a kind friend spun it into knitting yarn - yet to be made into a scarf or hat. I collected more of it and decided to try to make some felt - it worked, but this piece perhaps needs to be felted again to make it a little thinner but the potential is there to make something quite different. Seeing this flat piece of felted fluff has an unfortunate resemblance to a I shall have to transform it into something else quickly as it gives me the creeps.

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