Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Recent creations

I'm a member of several online quilting groups both here in Australia and one based in the US that focus on traditional quilting and more contemporary art quilts and other textile works. I have been a traditional quilter for many years and am only beginning to try making art quilts. Making post cards and ATCs to swap with others are a great way of experimenting with ideas or new techniques and moving out of the traditional mould. This is my most recent post card - no theme such but an opportunity to play with colours and threads.

My Quilt Guild is holding a Quilt-In in October, and we have been asked to make small items to be used as gifts for those who attend. The pincushions started with just one made for myself from instructions found online - then I made one for my daughter and gave two to friends. Now I have eight more for the Guild - they seem to be multiplying as I watch!

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