Monday, 20 August 2007

Monday, Monday,

I should have been enjoying a riding lesson as I write, but instead am dealing with the miserable symptoms of a developing cold. I'm full of pills, drinking lots of fluids, doing nothing strenuous and hoping that it will disappear by next weekend when I'm due to fly interstate for my brother's wedding. He will not be impressed if I manage to infect the other guests with the virulent Melbourne bug I fear this may be. I'm reminded of a time some years ago when the whole family visited our parents for Christmas. My children were getting over chicken pox and I thought they were no longer contagious. I was very wrong and by the time everyone left to come home, the cousins were coming out in spots! He was not a happy fellow.

Last week's riding lesson was a milestone for this novice - my friend and I spent an hour or more riding on tracks through the forest that surrounds her property and although it rained a little and then began to snow as we came home, it was great. To date my lessons had taken place on her arena and at the end of a lunging rein so to be on my own, following her and dealing with mud, puddles, slopes and uneven tracks was both a thrill and a challenge. I was hoping that today might be the same, but Monday has not been good to me like the words of the classic Mamas and Papas song. I may yet resort to my Ma's home remedy for colds that we had as children before we went to bed. Lemon juice, honey and a teaspoon of scotch in hot water........sounds good and a snooze this afternoon might be just what I need.

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