Saturday, 8 September 2007

Down on my knees

Why do some of us seem to work better under pressure, as deadlines approach instead of working steadily towards whatever the goal may be? How many of us find ourselves doing the binding on a quilt or putting on the label the last minute before it is due to be submitted for exhibition or given as a gift? Have you ever worked until midnight before something is due the next morning? Usually the results are OK, but probably not as good as they might have been if done more slowly over time and usually I vow that next time will be different and I shall not procrastinate!

I have known for a couple of months that the members of two local garden clubs were coming to have a look at my garden on Tuesday, and I had plans to have it looking spectacular well before time. Now this is not such a big deal as being part of an Open Garden Scheme and having hoards of the general public traipse through, these people are friends but I still want them to go home feeling it was worth the visit. Hence the title of this entry - no, I have not been having a religious experience, but most of the last three days have been spent on my hands and knees weeding garden beds that had been overtaken by dandelions, thistles, grasses and sorrel and tonight I can hardly move. I am so looking forward to Tuesday afternoon when the garden clubs have been and gone - I intend to spend it playing with fabrics and not feeling guilty that I should be outside.

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