Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Soggy Fanatics

Having been cold and sunny for the last few weeks, yesterday thirty keen gardeners came to see my garden in all it's Spring glory - in the rain! No one complained though, so desperate is the country for water we were all happy to see it. Despite the damp conditions and continuous gentle drizzle they tramped around the place in raincoats and under multicoloured umbrellas, admiring the bulbs in flower, asking heaps of questions, listening to my ideas for future developments and congratulating me on the transformations that have been going on for a couple of years. I was really pleased with their response and it made me feel that all the hard work over the last few weeks in preparation for this visit was worthwhile. They also kindly gave me this in appreciation for the visit, a splendid camellia called 'Debbie' - about a metre tall and covered in these luscious blooms. It should do well in this cool climate and I know just where it will go.

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marcie said...

Congratulations on your new blog, I hope you find it a rewarding project. That's a beautiful camellia, will be a joy for years to come.