Wednesday, 7 May 2008

April TIF a bit late, but done at last!

The theme for April’s TIF was change, and for the past month I have been thinking about the idea of change, what it could mean and how one might interpret this subject for the challenge. I thought of change as opportunity, I thought of seeds changing as they grow into something quite different, I thought of how we change raw materials into quilts and textile art, how metamorphosis occurs and how caterpillars become beautiful butterflies and ugly ducklings elegant swans. I considered the lifestyle changes people make – the sea change or tree change as they move to new and different areas. I thought of change being constant, how some are resistant to change, about organisational change, how things often go in circles, and the saying about things that go around, come around again. I thought about climate change, the warming of earth, the rising sea levels, the lack of water in Australia, and the worldwide shortage of food supplies and other resources as our global population continues to increase. I also thought about the changes that happen as one ages, not only the loss visual acuity, increasing aches and pains but the supposed wisdom one that comes with life’s experience.

I gave up trying to figure out a clever textile interpretation for change, and decided in the end to use the colours – lovely earthy browns and creams – the colour of owls. I have always had a soft spot for these birds; in fact I have a small collection of owl ornaments collected on my travels here and overseas. This is the piece I made, very simple and although he looks a bit fierce, I rather like him. As owls are often spoken of possessing wisdom, he suddenly seemed an appropriate symbol, and I was reminded of the Serenity prayer – “...Grant me the serenity to accept those things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I hope you like him.


fiona d said...

He's delightful - and in the end you did interpret some of thse aspects of change as well as the colours - he's so serene and peaceful

livebird said...


Tanguera said...

Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely owl. I agree with Fiona he does look serene. well done.