Monday, 12 May 2008

The weekend's sewing......

Having described myself as a needlewoman in the previous post, I'm almost ashamed to show this tatty piece of mending that was achieved last night as I watched the amazing ABC program about Tim Jarvis following in the footsteps of Douglas Mawson. I think I must have been feeling the cold in my toe in sympathy, as I suddenly decided to fix the longstanding hole in my most loved and disreputable Ugg boot - made by my collie Maggie when she was feeling frisky one day while I was out - maybe payback for being left at home? Now it just makes me smile whenever I look down!

The other is the result of a workshop held at my quilt guild. Yes, I know it is another bag, this time to be used to hold my knitting because it is quite tall, and rather stiff - it might have been softer with a lighter batting and less quilting, but it is a design that is likely to be made again. It was a good class, with a helpful teacher and lots of laughs with a bunch of fellow sewers.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a great show. I had my sewing in my lap, but couldnt drag my eyes away long enough to do anything. Although I regretted watching the bit where the sole of his foot separated from the rest of him. yech.