Thursday, 29 May 2008

Felting workshop

Today I attended a workshop run by the Embroiderer's Guild and learnt a method of making felt using Felbi wool batts to make the design, and then wet felting it. The result was so much better that anything I have tried before, it was hard work rolling the fibres, and then thumping them around to felt it, but a lot of fun and a pleasing outcome. This will be a small folded bag and will have some further surface embroidery on it, I shall post a photo of the finished article in due course. For a first attempt which evolved as I went along, I'm quite pleased with it.


Jane said...

Very pretty colors and the design is lovely, I really like how you did this!

Tricks said...

Hi there, after hearing you description of this workshop I just had to have a look, it is a lovely colourful piece of felt, beautiful, I would love to see a picture of it when it becomes a bag.
Just thought I would mention, there is an error in the posting of the address where you posted these details on the feltmakers group. I think it is the full stop at the end which is causing problems. I found you in the end though.
Thanks for sharing the workshop with us. Tricia

LynnS said...

Beautiful piece you are working on. I will appreciate seeing the finished bag. I have not tried felting before (except for the accidental felting when I washed a wool sweater one time).

So glad that you posted your blog site over at Stitchin Fingers. Your work is lovely (so is your dog)!

Jackie said...

Thats going to be a fabulous bag! Clever idea.