Saturday, 24 May 2008

TIF for May - Needlewoman

This is what I have done for this month's TIF. If you recall, the question was "What do you call yourself?" My thoughts about this were blogged at the beginning of the May, and my decision was that I am most comfortable describing myself as a Needlewoman and certainly not as an Artist. This then is my piece.
It is the usual journal size and depicts a needle and two thimbles. I have a favourite antique silver thimble without which I cannot stitch, and a small collection of others. The fabrics are two of my absolute favourites, the red one is by Jinny Beyer and the blue butterflies came from some long forgotten shop several years ago. It appears in many of my creations. The star blocks represent my love of traditional quilting, and the background to the redwork has a very fine network of leaves, so represents my love of gardens.


Guzzisue said...

beautiful and straight to the point

Sandra said...

It is a lovely piece of work. I love how you have the leaves and the stars to represent your other loves.

neki desu said...

Lovely work.i really like the needlewoman term, like wonderwoman with a needle :)

neki desu