Thursday, 13 November 2008


It seems a long time since I blogged, and it reminds me how much time I usually spend at this computer if there is nothing much to distract me - probably too much if the truth be told........

I see I have a second follower as itemised by Blogger - hello and thank you to the two Carols! I know there are other regular readers, so greetings to you as well, and thanks for the comments and encouragements.

Doreen asked how much my tangled bundle of Bunka yarns cost me.......a total of $2! I used some today when playing with the embellisher, and they look great - a subtle bit of shininess amongst the other fibres, and well worth the untangling effort.
Averyclaire asked about the photo grid - this is done using Picasa, but there are other free photo manipulation software programs that do a similar thing.

I have been busy with the Studio Journals course, and another lesson will arrive tomorrow morning while I'm asleep - I believe this week it will focus on using a digital camera for design purposes, and I'm looking forward to that. Hope my little Nikon will hold out, it has issues with hinges on both the battery and memory card gates, and is currently held together with a hefty rubber band. That will teach me not to drop it! One of the techniques we used last week was based on this fantastic site about kaleidoscopes.
Here. The idea is to make a kaleidoscope using a photo image, and then isolate parts that could be developed into a design for textiles. Be warned, it is highly addictive. These are some I have made using this shot of an Aquilegia in the garden today:-

Some other ones I really loved, these were from photos of quilts:-


Marcie said...

Wow! that's so much fun? Where did you put your photo so it would have a URL? I've been playing with a demo kaleidoscope program, but this is way better. Thanks for the info

Doreen G said...

Fantastic Sue--I couldn't figure out how to do the Kaleidoscope when I did the journal course.


Those kaleidoscope patterns are beautiful, must try my hand at it sometime.