Thursday, 4 December 2008


I've been an absent blogger for a while - no reason really, nothing much to say and certainly little in the way of stitching, quilting or sewing of note though I have not been totally idle. The garden continues to thrive, warm weather and rain is making everything, including the weeds grow at a great rate.

Pictures from today are Poppies:-

Papaver orientale, a perennial Oriental Poppy and its hairy bud. This flower is about 5 inches across.

Papaver somniferum - I have these big voluptuous things in pink, purple and white, some single blooms and some with double frilly petals. A relative of those that are the source of opium, and I'm never sure if it is legal to grow them, but I have done so for years, and love the seed pods almost as much as the flowers!

I keep bags of potting mix in an old plastic rubbish bin near my potting table, and this afternoon, when I went to get some mix in which to plant some Helebore seeds, I found this tiny frog in the bin - it was only about an inch long from nose to tail. The bin's lid is slightly broken, and there is a small hole thorough which I guess it comes and goes. I left him in peace once I had taken this shot.

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Anonymous said...

I adore poppies. I have the most beautiful bright orange ones in my garden. Of course, that will have to wait until spring...we are in late fall early winter now. Your poppies are gorgeous...I love the seed pods as well! Thanks for sharing.