Monday, 15 December 2008

Recent Dyeing Results

I did these a day or two ago, I was trying for bright reds and forest greens - not raspberry and yukky mustard brown! The blues are OK, in fact I really like the one with lines, it has some lovely effects on the bits you cannot see. I obviously need to do a bit more research on colour mixing. I think the problem may have been that the dyes I used were not pure ones, but premixed by the manufacturer and I'm not sure what the various letters in the labels really mean..........

The purple H is my TIF offering for November. The theme was to use some typography in some way - I wonder if just one letter will count? This is made with silk fibres on felt that had some foil applied first, various snips of other fabrics, and punched with the Embellisher. Appliqued bits and some embroidery - when completed it will be the front of a journal cover for a friend for Christmas.
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