Sunday, 21 October 2007

Catching up.....

I have had a busy but splendid last few days - it started on Friday when I went to Melbourne with a friend who needed to do a variety of chores. I was really just along for the ride, with no intention of doing any shopping but of course, managed to return with goodies - new threads and bits of fabric, essential cartridges for my computer printer and a couple of other small things one cannot get easily where I live. We had lunch with another friend in Port Melbourne, and painlessly browsed the shops in an area to which I rarely go.

Yesterday I attended a Quilt In run by Goldfields Quilters in Castlemaine, caught up with some quilters I have not seen since I moved to the country, saw some beautiful quilts, enjoyed the chat and laughter, ate too many delicious home made slices, and won a raffle. The prize? Five fat quarters of a new range of fabric, a printed panel and a pattern to use it all to make a child's cloth book. Don't think I shall be doing that, but the fabrics are lovely spotty ones, in good colours and will be put to good use in time.

Today I went out to breakfast and came home at! There was terrific company, in a wonderful setting overlooking a huge lake, delicious foods including muesli, berries, Moroccan stewed pears, apricots and figs, Greek yogurt, poached eggs with salmon and hollandaise sauce, fresh sourdough bread from our local specialist bakery, grilled bacon, cold meats, and fresh fruit - all washed down with champagne and orange juice! No dinner needed by this little piggy.

Finally, to complete the weekend, I have finished this week's Joggles project. This was to paint a picture of your family pet, or some other animal so it could be used as the basis for a small quilt. I baulked at this idea, I consider that I do not possess any of what I call a real artistic talent - My drawings look like the work of a self conscious child and I do not know how one uses various types of paint, though I have fiddled in an amateurish way with things over the years. This picture was based on a photo of a dog I used to have, not the collie I now have, but her predecessor Bess who in my family's legends was known as "the world's best dog." I would have to say though that now my children have their own dogs, they probably think otherwise ! Anyway - I was quite pleased with how she looks. I wonder if the kids will recognise her?


Plain Jane said...

oh my goodness, what a fantastic breakfast!!! no wonder you had to spend hours there, so many wonderful things to eat. Yum.

Bess would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Well done! It's obvious from whom your daughter inherited her artistic abilities. Silverbee.