Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Vale the Local Pub

When one of my stitching friends heard that my Joggles class was going to result in one journal sized (8.5 x 11 inches) a week for six weeks, her comment was "that will keep you out of your car and off the streets!" She was right, I'm still going on the felt applique quilt, and I don't think I have done so much blanket stitch in such a short time for many years! My admiration for those who applique bed sized quilts in this way is huge! Hopefully I may be able to post a photo tomorrow....

On the local scene, not a pub with no beer, but I now live in a town with no pub! Sadly one of them closed following a fire some months back, another is in the process of being restored and will open again next year under it's original name, but now the last remaining legal place to get a drink in this town went into recievership this week. Perhaps it will reopen with new management, but in the meantime it means loss of jobs for all the staff, and no where for the local lads to quench their thirst, or local committees to hold their meetings over dinner. How bad is that??

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Plain Jane said...

Condolences on the absence of pubs!!!