Monday, 29 October 2007

Chubby and Bess

Today I rode again for the first time in about six weeks - the owner of the horse I ride has been away, and in her absence her safe, sound and elderly horse called Chubby, had definitely become chubbier. A month of idleness in fields with new Spring grass and extra feed from a temporary and generous carer means that Chubbs is now on a strict regime of no extra feed and lots of exercise. She is a very patient but sometimes determined horse who puts up with her current novice riders with a definite look of resignation - however it was a joy to spend time on her wide back today, meandering quietly through the forest to the sounds of the local birds, scaring the occasional wallaby off into the bush as we went along. I confess that it felt more like Chubby was taking me for a ride, rather than me riding her as she picked her own path along tracks she knows so well, but none the less it was a great way to pass the morning.

I am about to begin this week's Joggles project - a quilt featuring a bird. I'm still not sure what I shall do, but have some ideas in my head and rough drawings in my work book. This is the finished painted one from last week - I did a second picture of my collie Bess in an attempt to make her colouring less realistic. After all it is supposed to be an Art Quilt! This one is just in shades of blue and silver - but to my mind she still looks almost real.


Lynn Majidimehr said...

Paddy, I like both your painted collie quilts, and would consider both to be art quilts! People have different opinions about art, and everyone has their own style, some more realistic and others more abstract, so go with a style you like, and play, or test out others once in a while to see if you like them - that's what I like to do.

Paddy's Daughter said...

Thaks Lyn for your comments. I agree, we are who we are and I think my work will always be more realistic than some, no matter how I might try to do otherwise! I'm really enjoying the Joggles challenges though.