Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Gateway to the Garden

Today I received my copy of Quilting Arts in the mail - I love this magazine - the presentation, ideas, information, colours, and projects are fascinating for someone who has been a traditional quilter for 25 years or more, but who is trying to do things a little differently at times. The magazine issued a challenge to readers in its April/May issue to use one of four possible doorway images to illustrate their "Doorway to Imagination" This issue shows some of the 200 pieces of work received.

I planned to submit a piece for this challenge, but sadly did not get it finished by the deadline required to send it to the United States because I became hooked doing more and more embroidery of the garden outside and inside the door. It was completed though and I shall probably enter it in my Quilt Guild's exhibition next year. I called it "Gateway to the Garden", and although these photos make the edges look a bit wonky, it is due to my poor photographic skills rather than uneven sides to the piece! It is A4 sized , made with painted fabric, applique, hand and machine embroidery, and is both hand and machine quilted.


Erica said...

Am I seeing things or does the door actually open? Just gorgeous!

Paddy's Daughter said...

Thanks for the nice comment Erica,
Yes the door opens to show what is outside/inside the gate, you also get a glimpse of it through the spider web when the gate is closed.