Saturday, 13 October 2007

The locals tell me we had snow here yesterday while my daughter and I were out having adventures, and it is still bitterly cold today. I have spent it in my sewing room making postcards featuring keys for an online swap. I scanned these keys and then printed the image onto fabric - it took several attempts and a lot of printer ink before I had something that might work. It was most frustrating as the new printer was having hissy fits at being asked to print on fabric and several attempts came out with half the image missing. Anyway, at last I have four cards to post on Monday to Turkey, France and the USA and Canada.
Now I shall turn my attention to this week's creation for my Joggles class - a geometric quilt of my own design, in made in felt with embroidered embellishments, similar to the Molas from Panama. Right now the mind is a blank!

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Anonymous said...

Love the key post card. Even if it was frustrating the end result looks great