Saturday, 3 November 2007

Birds and Bees

This is my Joggles #4 quilt. The theme was to incorporate a bird and so this is based on the Australian Eastern Spine Bill who is in fact black, orange/tan and white....but as I liked his shape he had a colour change. It is machine appliqued, machine and hand quilted and measures 8 x 11.5 inches - not the wonky shape in the photo. I must learn a way of taking shots without distortion!

Great excitement - I am being given a hive of bees. A friend keeps bees and when they swarmed recently the swarm was captured and dropped into a new hive. Next weekend, in the dark, this hive is being brought to my property and will be placed in my orchard at night time. The next morning these cosmopolitan bees will find they have had a tree change and are country dwellers surrounded by forest, fruit trees and other pollen laden plants. What yummy honey they will produce.

Another promised gift from a member of my walking group. Her husband has poultry and is currently has at least 60 eggs in the incubator. Some of them are from Araucanas, originally from Chile they lay blue/green eggs, and my friend has promised me a couple of hens when they are big enough. My chooks are already keeping friends and neighbours supplied with big brown and white eggs, so now I shall have green ones too!

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Plain Jane said...

Bees AND Hens! oh my! Do keep us posted on your urban bees.. those araucanas eggs are sooo beautiful.