Friday, 2 November 2007

Wet and Soggy

Last night we had the most wonderful rain - steady, heavy, refreshing, tank filling, soaking wet rain! About an inch or more. I fell asleep to the sound of rain falling on my tin roof and drips dropping through a leaky gutter outside my window. What a blissful soothing sound. My garden looks green and sparkly this morning and when I walked my dogs to the Post Office, my usually dusty road had puddles instead of potholes, and the local stream was flowing into the town lake. Fingers crossed we may even get some more over the weekend and I can see big grey clouds from my window as I type.

The mail today contained 12 ATCs received through an online swap with people in Australia and NZ - all different, all clever and all individual. A great addition to my collection, and with some techniques I did not recognise and shall have to learn. This shot also includes a couple from my friend Kate as well, just in case you think I can't count!

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