Thursday, 8 November 2007


About a week ago there were storms in this area - rain enough to float the ark and winds that brought down huge Eucalyptus trees across roads and powerlines. On Sunday night there was no electricity for eight hours, and I spent an evening in the gentle glow of candles and an antique Miller oil lamp. When inspecting the property the next morning, I was saddened to find my little greenhouse which had been a gift from my son and d-in-law, badly damaged. The winds had ripped the seams of its heavy duty plastic plastic cover apart and the whole things was hanging from a couple of remaining ties - I feared it had met its demise. For the last week this pile of metres of pathetic green plastic has been sitting on the floor of my living room until I had the time and courage to deal with it. This afternoon I moved my machine to a bigger table and spent a couple of hours wrestling with it all, with many expletives because it was so heavy and cumbersome. After resewing seams, reinforcing areas that were badly torn with cotton tape, replacing all the ties plus adding a few extra, sticking gaffer tape on places that had been damaged by friction it was fixed! I even managed to get it back on the frame by myself - so now I am having a celebratory glass of wine, and looking forward to an evening sewing the binding on my most recent piece for Joggles.

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