Monday, 19 November 2007

Technology ****

Yesterday this computer was having increasingly determined hissy fits - not doing what it was told, internet connection dropping out when moving to another site, freezing when asked to shut down, key board not seeming to work, failure to register passwords, and finally the mouse seemed to have died as well. Having run a full check on the system and having been told all was well - I decided that it would mean a trip to the nearby computer shop to sort it all out, as it still did not work when I tried again this morning. So, after lunch when I was all set for the 44 km round trip to the computer doctor, I decided to check once more before I dismantled guessed it......everything was working! I guess the winds were blowing from the wrong direction yesterday.

Then later this afternoon, having decided it was just too hot to do anything outside and I would do something in the sewing room - there was a power failure and no electicity for a few of hours. So - today I have achieved very little except a successful riding lesson early this morning and the finishing of my current mystery novel. Perhaps tomorrow the technology gods will be in harmony and all will be well in my world again.


Caitlin O'Connor said...

I'm betting your computer got too hot and shut itself down!

Seriously, their fans are always inadequate for the heat they generate, and if you've got its poor little air vents blocked, they WILL overheat on a hot day. :-(

If you feel confident with taking the case off (usually just a heap of teeny screws) look for the fan and give it a GENTLE vacuum. My tech-savvy DH does this for me often in our cat fur/dog hair/teeny little cockatiel feathers house and we haven't loss a computer to heat stroke since.

Paddy's Daughter said...

Thanks Caitlin, will remember that when it gets hot again. Having some silly problems still, so should really get it fixed by someone who knows - it is so frustrating!!

Caitlin O'Connor said...

Paddy, before sending it in for expensive repair, try a free program called C Cleaner, - no affils, just used and recommended it a LOT!
And it will ask if you want to bakc up to registry before you actually re4move the cluttering files - so if something DOES go wrong, it's immediately fixable.
Hope that helps!