Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Not much new to report ........I spent today in a regional city doing some much needed clothes shopping. What with warmer weather and the silly season approaching there is a need to be less feral now that jeans and polar fleecy things are no longer an accepted necessity. A successful day was had, some damage to the credit card was incurred, but now I can appear at the forthcoming Christmas neighbourhood gatherings in garments a tad more stylish!

Now - my site meter tells me that my Blog has received more than 680 hits and visits - they can't all be my children, in fact my daughter tells me she reads the blog via another site, so she no longer counts, and I don't think my son checks all that often. I know a few of you who are reading it, but would love to know a few more or where you are from. I'm delighted that what I write might be of interest to others, so please, feel free to leave a comment when you visit.

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Debbi Baker said...

Just thought I'd say hi Sue and let you know that I got to your blog via your signature on Aust_NZQuilters. I like your blog - a nice mix of art and life!!