Friday, 11 January 2008

Almost sewing again

Things have been a bit quiet round here for the last week or so - no sewing of note, no action in the garden, no painting of the new pergola and no strenuous activity of any sort. I'm dealing with a frozen shoulder and have very limited movement in it, and pain when I forget it hurts if I try to reach for, or lift, something. My grass is now about a foot long and covered with yellow dandelion flowers just like an English meadow, the weeds are out of control and my frustration at having to be so inactive enormous. Today the shoulder feels slightly better, having had a cortisone injection yesterday and I'm hoping for a small miracle that will mean it resolves quickly and I can return to my usual activites.

In the meantime, I'm doing physio and popping pills as required, I have watched enough DVDs to cure me of the desire to do so again, read a few novels, and enjoyed this wonderful book that arrived in the mail - ordered just before Christmas as a self indulgence, little knowing that I would actually have time to study it. It covers almost every technique for adding or removing colour from fabric before or after making a quilt, and shall be a great reference and source of ideas.

Talking of colour, these are the colours to be used in the first Take it Further challenge, and I have fabric and threads spread on my floor as I think about what I might do with them. The colours are among the shades I favour in my garden and I'm thinking lavender and penstemons or distant hills in a muted landscape......we shall see what eventuates.

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