Monday, 21 January 2008

Monday, Monday.....

Monday again after a very quiet weekend - no sewing, no gardening, and still nursing the slowly resolving frozen shoulder. A cortisone injection has given me movement again, but it is sore and I'm being cautious. It is most frustrating not to be able to physically do what one wants or needs to do, so I watch the weeds growing, browse my library of quilting books, fondle fabric and think about future textile projects. Today I plan to tidy my sewing room and organise some paperwork - boring, undemanding but necessary.

A request from my daughter for an update on Delores means I have just spent a while in the chook yard trying to take a photo of the fastest moving baby chicken in the world. After about 25 photos, most of which have been discarded, I end up with a couple that show how much she has grown. My father always said that the secret of being a good photographer is you never show the duds!

Delores and her Mother Dorothea

A worm's eye view of Delores. Please note the gorgeous feather fluff developing at her rear end!

Finally, this fine girl is Edith, a Gold Campine which is an old Belgian breed of chicken - quite flighty, and a great scavenger but not very friendly. The one in front is Celine. Both are very noisy, and the ones I hear first in the mornings - so go figure the names!

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