Saturday, 12 January 2008

Saturday Snaps

This is what happens when you don't cut your grass! All it needs is Julie Andrews running through it in full song. Pretty, but not wise - you can't see snakes and it would be a fire hazard when it dries out.

Gorgeous Delores is growing up. Now beginning to look like a gawky teenager, she still chirps constantly at her adopted Mother but is venturing further on her own and is less afraid of the other chooks. Behaving more like a grown up, she no longer needs Chicken Crumbles (baby chook food - but sounds like something from a fast food place) and is eating grain, bugs and veggies like a big girl. Her real feathers are coming through, and she is going to be a fine looking red head.

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livebird said...

Delores is delightful! Gawky, but delightful!