Saturday, 5 January 2008

My Autumn Piece

I mentioned earlier that I was submitting a piece to the challenge being run by Unique Stitching in ACT - the theme was to be 'Australian Autumn'.
Where I live in Central Victoria is known locally as "the Cool Country" where deciduous trees of all sorts thrive, along with dense Eucalupt forests. My own garden is full of Silver Birch, Liquid Amber, Oaks, Dogwoods, Cherries, Claret Ash and numerous Maple species, the leaves of which all change to vivid colours of red and gold in Autumn before they fall to carpet the ground, and this is what I have tried to portray in this small art quilt.

The background is hand painted cotton damask to give texture, and the tree trunks are made from fabric that was marked with fabric paint sticks over a red gum log. Machine appliqué and free machine quilting were used to complete the picture. Small amounts of the challenge material, Angelina fibres, were added in the fallen leaves to indicate early frosts.
Apologies for the poor photo - it is square and the colours are richer.


Maureen said...

I envy you your garden with all the deciduous trees!
Being sub-tropical Qld and near the coast,I MISS Autumn! still developing my Challenge piece :-(

Malla said...

I love your autumn quilt! Very pretty and artistic.