Thursday, 11 September 2008

What if?/ Crazy quilting

I preface this posting by saying that I admire the workmanship and traditions of vintage crazy quilts, and certainly the skills with which contemporary ones are made, but I have never been tempted to try it myself, as it is a bit too fussy for my taste. However, I do love what is happening when people disregard the rules and try their own thing in a very original way, and some of the work being posted on various blogs is most intriguing.

Over on Jude's second blog 'What if?' people are revisiting crazy quilting and doing things in a non-traditional way, with unusual fabrics and getting some great results. I even had a go myself! I asked:-
what if the block had no seams at all?
what if the colours were subtle with a matt finish instead of shiny or glitzy?
what if it was made from woollen felt and woollen tops using an embellisher?
and worked from the back, but embroidered - minimally - on the front?

Finally - being ever pragmatic, what do I do with it now?
Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

This looks great - it looks like (fluffy) stained glass! im with you on the subtle colours and non -glitzyness.
I am wondering what to do with my what if samples too... perhaps you could put a border and make it intoa cushion or a panel in a felted handbag. (pretty boring suggestions i know)

Jane said...

Ohhh. I like too.. maybe a note book cover, journal page, add it into a larger piece ??

Linda said...

Why don't you frame it?
Linda (no blog)

Maureen said...

Use it as a book cover or put it into a fabric book that you can make for your samples.