Thursday, 4 September 2008


I decided that I need to be at home for a while - too many things happening that take me elsewhere - computer class, walking group, Embroidery Guild activities, Quilting Group, local community committee, appointments in the big smoke, meetings with see what I mean? It is great to be busy, I cannot imagine being bored but one needs to stop and take a break sometimes, and that was today. I have not been outside my gate, I did not collect my mail from the Post Office, I spoke to no-one on the phone, and I have been in my very scruffy gardening clothes all day - it was bliss and I plan to do the same tomorrow.

No sewing, but I achieved a good deal in the garden, weeded, transplanted, tidied, sprayed and even mowed some grass, also for the first time this season. In another month or so, mowing will be a tedious time consuming weekly chore as it takes a full day to do the whole property. Today the weather was wonderful, blue skies, sunshine and it was almost warm - in fact today was the first day for several months that I allowed my slow combustion fire go out. It is my only form of heating, and I use about 12 cubic metres of firewood a year as it burns any the time it is cold, and 24 hours a day during winter, so that is another mark of the changing season.

Anyway, Spring is officially here, some of my daffodil and other bulbs are in flower with lots more in bud and this year's show will be good as we have had so much rain. Some shrubs have new leaves showing, and the roses have lovely new red shoots developing, while the fruit trees are covered in buds that will be blossom soon. I think the sunshine, different light and the fact it is not raining has done wonders for my state of mind. Here's to lots more of it.


Anonymous said...

I know I must live with a bag on my's amazing to me that you are experiencing the first of spring when I am ending summer and beginning Autumn. Soon here the big snows will arrive!!! Bless you in your first delights of Spring!

Jane said...

Thanks for answering my questions about your woods and stove... sounds like a heavenly day laying low in solitude!!!