Friday, 5 September 2008

Spring Colours

I posted a better photo of this little bulb last year (here) - It is called Chionodoza sardensis and is a tiny relative of the Bluebell family. I think the snails have been munching as it popped trough the leaf litter, but it is still gorgeous.

This is a new shrub recently planted in the ongoing development of my garden. It is called Mahonia aquifolia and I found it at my local town's monthly market. It will ultimately reach 2 metres tall, and has leathery evergreen (except in winter when they go this beautiful red) leaves. The flowers are not yet fully open, and will be followed by purple berries. It will make quite a statement when it grows a bit more.

I have hundreds of these particular daffodils, they were here when I bought this place, and I do not know the name of the variety. I was told they are a very old variety, and are most unusual in their multi petalled flower and lime green colour as the buds open. I have planted several thousand bulbs over the last three years, so you can understand why I love this time of year - I promise more pictures as they begin to bloom.

These little ones are called Tete-a-Tete - they look like a normal yellow daffodil, but are miniatures, only about 20 cms tall. They seem to have more than one flower per bulb so have an impact despite their size.


Jane said...

The Mahonia aquifolia looks like mini grape cluster. Love the burgundy leaves. Spring is such a busy time and so invigorating for the soul.

Maureen said...

So jealous of you going into Spring as we head towards Autumn. I have a large Mahonia but not sure if it's the same one as yours.