Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Passing on the award ........

How on earth does one choose just a few blogs to nominate for an award? My blog roll is a bit out of date as I now subscribe to almost 60 blogs via Bloglines. They are all different, all interesting, all written by clever creative people willing to share ideas, techniques, their lives and their art. However, I need to select just seven of them, so these are they – in no particular order, just ones I enjoy for a variety of reasons. I am sure there are also heaps more out there that I have not yet discovered........

Bittersweet – because I love the colours of Morna’s textiles, her funky dolls and use of old things - woolly jumpers recycled into lovely felt penny rugs, old linens and other textile creations.

Allie’s – I’m sure she has received many awards, but I’m listing her because she is inspired by her beautiful garden and I love seeing the way she constructs and works the flowers on her crazy quilts.

LAM’s blog - I met Lynn when I was doing an online course last year, and know she designs and makes beautiful quilts, and teaches free motion quilting online as well as working with other textile arts and multimedia.

· Jude’s
what if? Where Jude continues to experiment with stitching and ask questions which may prompt others to do things a little differently. Her generous spirit and willingness to share shine clearly through. Others are invited to contribute their ideas and works as in a sub-section called CQR.

Dogdaisychains – another award winning blog, and one where I was lucky enough to win a recent giveaway. Jackie is an embroiderer who has had work included in WOW, and who has a couple of very useful tutorials on her site, as well as links to gorgeous photos of her work and her own Etsy shop

Moonstitches – sometimes written in both German and English, by a person living in Japan. It is full of Liberty fabric quilts, knitting, photographs and a wonderful collection of fabric owls with a tutorial showing how to make them.

Magsramsay – and English biologist who uses things from the natural world to inspire her art, textiles and award winning quilts. I particularly like her Thin Blue Line one.


jude said...

thank you very very much!

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing the links.. a couple I'd not visited before.

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Thank you so much, for not only reading my blog, but for passing the award to me along with the others you chose! Now comes the hard part - choosing who to pass the award to:-)

Morna said...

Thank you so much!