Friday, 12 September 2008

More Daffodils and a ???

Three more daffodils, unfortunately the labels carefully written with their variety when they were planted are now blank, details washed off by the rain I guess.
No sewing today, too nice outside and visitors coming for the weekend. Have a good one yourselves.

This came from seeds given to me by a friend, and he called it Red Broccoli, gorgeous but looks more like a Cauliflower to me! I have not eaten one yet so don't know how it will taste.Posted by Picasa


livebird said...

I ate the one you gave me and it was DELICIOUS. So good. Thanks. It's cauliflower, for sure.

Maureen said...

Lucky you for the red broc, you'll love it I'm sure and how strange to see the daffodils etc out at this time of year.BTW did you get my 'Sorry' e mail??