Monday, 29 September 2008

New quilts

Posted by PicasaDespite having said in the last post that I may not be making many more traditional quilts as I have cupboards full of them and want to try different textile things, today I am once more thinking along traditional lines. These were made when I was away with a great group of quilting friends for a weekend recently, and when complete, the quilt will eventually hang on a wall in my very large living room - I have made all the alternate simple blue and beige blocks needed, but still have to make a dozen more of the ones with the red corner stones. They are only 9 inches square and a bit fiddly. I also thought I would not have enough of the red fabric, but thanks to one of my friends, we managed to cut all I needed from a scant fat quarter.
The other idea I am working on is a smallish challenge quilt for the Goldfield's Quilters' exhibition to be held in October in Castlemaine. This must be made using only one traditional block, it can be in different sizes, distorted and embellished, but its origins must still be obvious to the beholder. I have considered many fabrics, several options, tried a couple, discarded them and have now settled on something - I will not surprise anyone to know it too will be blue!


Mary-anne said...

The blocks look fantastic!!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. It was a lovely weekend.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Ohhh pretty!!! I love it.