Sunday, 16 December 2007

Basket of goodies

Today has been cool and cloudy, we have had some good rain yesterday, the garden is looking refreshed and the grass is no doubt shooting up again. It would perhaps be a good day for working outside, but I felt the need to make something instead. This is the result.

These are birthday gifts for my Daughter-in-law who is just beginning to sew again. Some time back I gave her a treasured 20 year old Swiss made sewing machine as it had been superceeded by a newer version. When I last visited I saw zipped cushions she made with it and my son told me she is keen to do more for their home and perhaps herself now she has a reliable machine. Those that quilt or sew usually have all sorts of gadgets, numerous pairs of scissors for specific purposes, needle keepers, acres of fabric and haberdashery, work baskets and various storage systems - this lovely girl has none of that - so far.
I bought a simple 12 inch square cane shopping basket, lined it with cotton sateen curtain lining trimmed with a gorgeous black and floral Japanese quilting fabric that matches a pincushion and needle case. I hope she likes it and is encouraged to continue creating all sorts of splendid things in fabric. I also hope she does not read this blog before I can give it all to her!!

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Lynn Majidimehr said...

What a lovely basket, I'm sure she will love it!