Sunday, 9 December 2007

The little frog is a tree frog called Litoria ewingii, quite common in NSW, Victoria and certainly around here. I often find them in the garden, under plants or sitting in the cool shady dampness of a pot plant. In the evening and particularly when is it wet the sounds of their calls from around the big dam are almost deafening.

More activity in the garden today - I harvested my brown onions and tried the emulate the plaited ropes of onions I can recall from my childhood - not sure they look quite the same, but these will now be stored in the garage where they will dry out a bit more, and last for many months. In their place are planted dwarf green beans, sweet corn and a couple more tomato plants. The tomatoes are varieties from seeds (legally) brought back from the US and Ireland some years ago. I did not think that they would still be viable, but was delighted when they germinated. I hope the growing season will be long enough in this cool area for them to fruit.

I also spent a couple of hours watering my trees - rain is likely and my water tank is already full, as I cannot bear to see it overflowing, I water before, or even during rain, to make more room in the tank! My nine new fruit trees are thriving as a result.
Finally, just because she is gorgeous for a such very short time, and only flowers once, a photo of the old rose "Albertine' that climbs through a flowering cherry tree and over the back gate.
The fragrance is strong and it is humming with bees.

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Marcie said...

oh, I remember Albertine (drool)proper tea-rose fragrance, so beautiful with the coppery reverse to the petals, so cruel with those hooked thorns, and prone to mildew, poor darling....