Monday, 21 April 2008

At long last, my sewing room is in the process of being tidied, cupboards sorted, supplies organised and surplus stuff put aside for the local Op shop. In one of many bags these forgotten little treasures were found - made at the time I was besotted with needlepoint. The green and mauve needle case and pincushion are about three inches square, and were from an English kit worked on 14 count canvas.

The tiny house and beehive one measures 2 1/4 by almost 3 inches and is worked in crewel wool on 18 count canvas. It was my own design.

Last of today's photos is one of a Gazania splendens, self sown and growing valiantly in the middle of my gravel driveway. I'm surprised it has survived my car wheels and the heavy frost we had this morning. Can you believe the colours and pattern? As a volunteer, it deserves to be moved to a safer spot.

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