Saturday, 12 April 2008

Fabulous colours

Today I helped a friend who was having a sale at her advanced tree farm. An ideal day, sunny warm and the mostly deciduous trees all wearing their splendid Autumn colours so people could actually see the individual colour change on their chosen tree. Customers bought anything from one single specimen tree for a small suburban garden to over 40 trees for mass plantings, or to create a spectacular driveway on their property and everything in between. A couple of shots to show the glorious colours - the first is one of the many rows of trees, in this case Claret Ash or Fraxinus raywoodii, and the second a close up of the leaves of Manchurian Pear or Pyrus ussurensis.

Some time was spent yesterday using my new embellisher, and for the first time I actually made something with the result. These are the front and back of a book cover, and for a first effort it actually looks quite good. The base fabric was a piece of navy blue acrylic felt, embellished with merino wool and silk tops, and then finished with lengths of variagated embroidery threads. It is lined and measures about 5.5 by 7.5 inches. I think this machine has a lot of potential for creating interesting textures and surfaces, but one to learn a few techniques or else everything runs the risk of looking like coloured dreadlocks!

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