Saturday, 5 April 2008

Never too late

Computer experts may laugh at my ignorance, but I was absolutely delighted to learn today of a small piece of computer technology called a Card Reader. This little gizmo lets one download photographs directly from a camera to a computer without using any other software. Previously I have always used the software that came with my digital camera, and hence a problem because the software was not compatible with the new Vista operating system on the new computer. I did not know such a gadget existed, and am delighted as I thought I might need to purchase a more up to date digital camera. Thanks a heap to the pleasant young man in the camera shop who saved me unnecessary expense and told me about this amazing little thing. It simple, inexpensive and it works.

Just to prove it, this is a picture of the embroidered basket liner I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. The pattern is by Leanne Beasley and was in Australian Country Stitchery, Vol 4 No 8, published in November 2004. My basket was a different size which meant a lot of extra fiddling to make it fit, and I changed a couple of colours in the embroidery - I love the funky flowers and the pockets will make it a useful work basket.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely work basket.

Larissa said...

Very nice I have made the same basket liner and also had to change the pattern around as my baskets were a different size. You can see them on my blog, Flutterby Corner. Larissa