Monday, 7 April 2008

Woolly Rainbow

Like many I find it difficult to pass a charity op shop without going to see what treasures may lurk within, and there are many preloved items that grace my home, or fill my stash cupboard waiting to be transformed into something else.

This was one find on Saturday - a dollar for a supermarket bag stuffed with small amounts of tangled knitting yarns in a multitude of colours, textures and thickness. Thinking of my latest toy, and need for fibres to use when embellishing, I could not resist. Careful unravelling and rewinding while watching the ABC last night resulted in this lovely pile, and I only had to discard a very small amount that was tangled beyond redemption.


margaret said...

A silk purse, made out of a sow's ear! (or equivalent) -- love those thrifty treasures!

Toner said...
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