Thursday, 10 April 2008

Journal for March

The challenge for March (A-NZ Art Quilters) was to create a Journal quilt in the style of an abstract, using a photograph for inspiration. As I am still waiting for all my photos to be retrieved from the old hard drive, yesterday I went looking for something interesting around the garden. Having recently done something with an Autumn theme, I didn't want to go down the track of falling leaves or autumn colours so took a series of photos of odd things thinking there would be some detail that I could use..

None of these appealed, although I tried tracing bits of the tow bar to create a repeating design, but it did not look great! Oh for a snappy photo editing program to enable that sort of photo manipulation.

This is the photo I eventually chose - a small pile of cypress pine post ends, and an empty terracotta pot popped beside them. Not posed, but just sitting in a corner with the compost heaps and other essential bits of things for which I am yet to find a purpose!

This is the quilt that I made - batik and hand dyed fabrics, machine applique and quilting, with a tiny bit of additional pattern marking with a Pigma pen on the terracotta pots because I felt the hand dyed fabric was too plain.

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smithcat said...

wow, thats really great! I couldnt even work out what the technique meant, but now I know! thanks for sharing