Thursday, 5 June 2008

Felted Bag

I have just completed my smallish bag, using the piece of felt made a week or so ago, so this is how it turned out.

Now that I know more about how this sort of prefelted batt works, if I were doing the same again, I would have taken more care about a surface design and its placement, as well as how it would be embroidered/embellished before I started; about getting the edges straight while the felt was wet, and would have checked more carefully that it was felted evenly all over. But this was a workshop and I was there to learn, so next time will be better. This little bag will be used for something, perhaps to store my clean hankies in the two internal pockets. One of the teacher's samples these pockets secured by zips, that looked great and would keep small items safe, but I decided not to do this because the felt is a bit thin in places . It measures approximately 7 x 11inches. The photos are of the outside front, front and back outside unfolded, and inside showing pockets.

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Sue said...

That is so beautiful Reminds me a little of Teresa Searle's work. Lovely felting.