Monday, 30 June 2008

Visitors in the early morning light

This morning there were seven or eight kangaroos in my garden feeding quietly in the grey dawn. I think they are the same small family group that grazes the area around the few houses where I live during the night, and often spend the day lazing in a nearby paddock. They will not let you get close, but despite the ruckus that my dogs made, these stayed around for a couple of hours. I managed to take this photo of a young female just outside my front door. She was in the company of a much larger male who was just out of the shot, and they both bounded away within seconds. They don't do much harm in my place, as they only eat grass, but they have no respect for garden beds often just hopping through them, so that can cause a bit of breakage to shrubs and things. I have lost a couple of very small trees out on the grassy areas, and I think this was probably due to them fighting and knocking them over.

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