Friday, 18 July 2008

Bendigo Wool Show

Four of us had a wonderful day today at the Bendigo Wool Show - got there early, parked directly across the road, the sun shone, it was not too cold, bumped into some Embroiderer's Guild friends, there were no crowds, bought a yummy treasure trove of wool, silk and alpaca fibres, prefelt bats, and hand dyed embroidery wools. Chatted with these cute alpacas, had great lunch in a previously unknown cafe called the Epicurian, and came home. Bliss.

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Anonymous said...

oohhh i wish i lived down there - what a great day

Mary-anne said...

Hope you kept warm - it was freezing in Bendigo yesterday (how do I know? guess who had playground duty twice and then had to go and watch grade 6 play football!) The Epicurian is a very dangerous place - too yummy for its own good!I am staying away from the Sheep an Wool show - waaay too tempting.