Sunday, 20 July 2008

Helpful Tech Persons

A big vote of thanks to two anonymous technical assist people from Dell, somewhere in Malaysia. Yesterday while working with this three month old machine, it crashed and I could not make it do anything it was supposed to. I rang tech support, and the first man patiently talked this computer illiterate through the process to run the necessary diagnostic programs, at least half an hour's worth of instruction. Then the machine ran the tests, which took almost three hours, and this morning I had to ring them again to finish the procedure. Another quietly spoken fellow spent another half hour while we checked the results and he made some changes to the system so now all is working well again. At one stage there was a connection between his computer and mine, and he was operating my mouse - very strange to watch from this end, but obviously just what was needed to fix the problem, and I'm delighted to be back online.

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